About the Composer

Mass of the Blessed Fire was (is being) composed by Adam Wood, although it is based primarily on melodies from the Shaker music tradition.

Since Adam Wood is also the webmaster for this site, Adam will now write in the first person:

I am a liturgical musician with a Roman Catholic background, although I currently work in an Episcopal parish. I grew up in a progressive, “folk music” parish, and have since learned also to love the traditional music of the Catholic Church (chant and polyphony) as well as the hymn-singing tradition of American Protestantism and the choral music of the Anglican Communion. I’ve even come to love some Praise and Worship music.

I’m particularly interested in how these traditions blend together in ways that are respectful of the tradition and suited to the spirit of the liturgical rites which they accompany.

I blog about liturgical music, and other things, at MusicForSunday.com.